SAMHSA: Opioid misuse in older adults on the rise

expect to need the opioid and request that the prescription only be for the length of time that it is necessary. Often, thirty-day prescriptions are the norm even when someone may only need it for three days.”

She added that “people should talk with their physician if they have withdrawal symptoms or feel a craving for the medication so that their pain treatment can be adjusted and to be assessed for the development of an opioid use disorder.”

Although the ratio of older adults who misuse opioids is lower in comparison to young adults, the data does confirm an increase in misuse among the older demographic.

Johnson emphasized that “there are effective treatments, and people should talk to their health care provider if they have concerns about themselves or a loved one.”


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SAMHSA: Opioid misuse in older adults on the rise
About 9.5 million adults participated in opioid misuse in the past year in 2014, according to a recent government report.
Cesar Gamboa
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