A mother’s love (Aimee Dunkle Interview Part 1 of 4)

Aimee Dunkle lost her son Ben to a heroin overdose in 2012 when he was 20-years-old.

Several weeks ago, Addiction Now conducted an interview with Dunkle in her home. Topics covered in the interview include her experiences dealing with a son struggling with a substance disorder, the steps she took to address his addiction, the impact Ben’s addiction had on the family, and what she does now to raise awareness for opioid abuse.

In Part 1 of our four-part interview with Dunkle, she discussed her early days in the United States raising her son Ben.  

Dunkle left England with her husband, and infant son, Ben, 22-years-ago to escape IRA bombings, “ironically” just as pain was being introduced as the fifth vital sign.

She described her son as “a wonderful kid,” who was verbally gifted, but had learning disabilities in written language and mathematics, which “had an impact” and “made his life… (continue reading)