Fayette Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Drug addiction is a chronic disease faced by many Americans. There are many drugs that people commonly become dependent on, including alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, and methamphetamine. These substances can cause a person to experience long-lasting changes in their personalities and the way that their brains work. Fortunately, many of the effects of drug addiction can be reversed through drug rehab and detox. Our addiction specialists help clients to find the appropriate Fayette drug detox programs to fight back against addiction.

Fayette Inpatient Drug Rehab

A reputable Fayette drug detox program helps people to complete the drug detox and rehabilitation processes. These programs are for anyone who is a regular user of alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs, methamphetamine, or other addictive substances. If a person is addicted to the point where they can’t perform normal daily responsibilities, inpatient care can help. These inpatient rehab programs help to detox the body and end the stranglehold of addiction.

The typical inpatient facility is clean and modern and has a full spectrum of amenities. It is staffed by addiction experts, counselors, and social workers who help with every aspect of the rehab process while a patient is staying there. Fayette inpatient drug detox centers assist people of all ages and any gender or sexual orientation with getting past a substance use disorder. We can help people who live in Winfield, Jasper, or Northport to find the right inpatient rehab center nearby.

Fayette Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Addiction to drugs sometimes makes a person abandon self-care, family relationships, friendships, jobs and school because the draw of the drug is so strong. While inpatient care works for these clients, others may be able to maintain personal responsibilities while recovering from drug addiction. In this case, our addiction specialists may recommend intensive outpatient programs instead.

Outpatient care is rarely one-size-fits-all. Individualized treatments address each person’s background and unique needs. A Fayette drug detox program welcomes people who reside in Fayette and the surrounding communities of Winfield, Jasper, and Northport. Outpatient programs can range from one to three months in duration, sometimes lasting longer. After the daytime program, participants are able to return home each night and reconnect with their loved ones. In our outpatient programs, people are able to explore the reasons why they turned to drugs and develop healthy coping mechanisms, improved communication skills, and stress-reduction techniques that will make it easier for them to avoid a relapse.

Fayette Addiction Treatment Programs

Fayette inpatient drug detox centers facilitate the drug detox and rehab process through group therapy, too. During a standard therapy session, people come together to talk through how they might respond to a challenging or difficult situation that might have previously made them want to use drugs. These practice situations help people to prepare for the real world after drug rehab. Talk therapy can reduce the risk of a relapse by offering alternatives to the responses and actions that drew people to alcohol, cocaine, prescription drugs or methamphetamine. Sessions can help people in Fayette, but are also available to those from Winfield, Jasper or Northport.

Our addiction specialists can help to find programs that make it possible for a person who in the depths of addiction to come out of it with a healthy social life, stronger family relationships, and better prospects for a satisfying and rewarding career.

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