feel strange as the effects of the drug wear off, and experience depression, nausea, tremors and headaches. These are symptoms typical of withdrawal, which can indicate addiction.

Typical Behaviors

Another bellwether of addiction is an individual’s behavior. Those who struggle with substance dependency will have a difficult time setting limits regarding their substance use, and may be unable to stop using even if they have a desire to do so. They may begin to neglect other activities in favor of substance use, and their appearance may suffer as they begin to prioritize substance abuse above their well-being and personal grooming.

Addicted individuals may also engage in activities that are riskier than their characteristic behaviors.They may borrow or steal in order to fund their addiction, for example. Use of the substance may increase in frequency, and the individual might begin using alone, in secret, or first thing in the morning. A change in interactions with others can be indicative as well, as an addict may find themselves in a recurrent cycle of arguments with family members.

Prescription Addiction

Addiction can arise even when the substance being used is prescribed by a doctor. This can begin with a failure to follow the prescription by taking larger doses, administering the drug more frequently than is prescribed, or ingesting the pills in a different way (such as crushing and snorting them). Someone who is addicted may attempt to get multiple prescriptions by going to more than one doctor, or by using medications that were prescribed to another person.

When visiting the homes of others, they may forage through the medicine cabinet to see if anything is desirable, or they may chase their duly prescribed pills with alcohol or other drugs.

Ask for Help When…

There are several indications that signal whether you should begin seeking outside help in order to confront and overcome your addiction. These include an inability to stop using the substance and the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms when you have temporarily stopped using. Another hallmark of addiction is when drug use leads you to engaging in unsafe behavior, such as needle sharing or unprotected sex.

Be honest with yourself. It can be hard to admit you’re suffering from an addiction, but once you’ve identified the problem, you can begin remedying the situation and become sober once again.