An addiction can develop extremely quickly. An individual may start by just trying a substance in a social setting or start by other circumstances. But no matter the substance or situation, taking a drug can lead to dependency, which can then begin to seriously affect an individual’s professional and personal life.

Getting rid of an addiction alone can be a huge challenge, which is why Phoenix inpatient drug detox centers and other treatment options around Glendale, Paradise Valley and Tempe are there to help with the process. Each facility offers either inpatient programs, outpatient programs or a combination of both to help those dealing with an addiction to alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin or marijuana.

Methods Used in Phoenix Addiction Treatment Programs

Inpatient and outpatient facilities typically use a combination of addiction treatment methods and therapies. In a Phoenix drug detox program, the patient goes through the process of getting any substances out of their system. Because of the withdrawal effects caused by many substances, including alcohol, methamphetamine and heroin, detox programs may provide the patient with medication to make the symptoms more bearable. The medication used will depend on the patient’s substance, or substances, of choice. When the patient continues treatment after detoxing, the facility may continue to use medication to help prevent cravings.

Addiction therapy is another treatment method that is typically used during and after the detox process as the patient continues in the program. The patient will work with a therapist to understand what originally led him or her to use drugs. Therapists also help patients develop thought processes to help avoid future use. Therapy can occur in a private or group setting. Private therapy sessions give one-on-one attention to the patient while group therapy sessions are focused on providing peer support.

24/7 Support and Care at Phoenix Inpatient Drug Rehabs

Inpatient drug rehabs offer shared or private rooms where patients can live on-site for an amount of time that varies depending on their needs. Phoenix inpatient drug detox centers may have the patient stay for only as long as it takes him or her to detox and then continue the recovery process through outpatient rehab. In some cases, patients may stay in the inpatient facility for a period of weeks or months.

At an inpatient rehab, patients from Phoenix, Glendale, Paradise Valley or Tempe have staff around to monitor and support them through the recovery process. Each patient using an inpatient setting is treated outside of their normal environment, which can help one avoid any triggers that would otherwise lead them back to drug use.

Getting Phoenix Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

An intensive outpatient addiction treatment program requires the patient to visit a facility frequently, possibly every day to start with, to receive treatment. This treatment includes individualized therapy, which could last for a few hours, and possibly medication.

Those undergoing outpatient addiction treatment won’t need to visit as often when they start to progress in their recovery from an addiction to alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin or marijuana. The intensive portion of outpatient treatment occurs during the initial phase when the patient may be detoxing. Outpatient facilities are an option for those who need to continue to handle their day-to-day responsibilities while receiving treatment.

With all these programs available, many individuals don’t know which option to choose. Our addiction specialists will listen to what people need and search for the right Phoenix drug detox program. Our specialists have experience in assessing individuals who are facing addiction and pairing them with appropriate treatment options in Phoenix as well as Glendale, Paradise Valley or Tempe. Give us a call today.

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