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Weigh the different options for long term drug rehabilitation for a family member with a drug addiction disorder. Benefits of Long Term Inpatient Treatment Most inpatient programs will have an average length of stay of ninety days or more. But this depends on the type of program and location. The longer the stay, the more costly it is.

However, the cost is certainly worth it if the person receiving treatment has good results from the treatment. It is best to seek the services of a drug rehabilitation center as soon as possible because their programs may not be able to give the best results if the person has been given a break. Also, there are many programs out there that will help those who are not ready or capable of handling the drug issues on their own. There are also many medical professionals out there that will help these people with the treatment process. These professionals should be contacted as soon as possible and should be involved from the beginning in the process.

The most common way that long term rehabilitation will start is by outpatient treatment. This means that the person will receive treatment at a drug rehabilitation center rather than at a hospital or rehabilitation center. Once the person completes the program, they will go home or back to work. The length of time that the person will spend in either of these settings is still up to them, but it is generally longer than ninety days.

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