Archways Sober Living - Mesa AZ 85202

2222 S Dobson Rd Suite 1002 Mesa Arizona 85202

Archways Sober Living is located in Vancouver BC Canada. Archways is one of the newest additions to the Bayshore area of Vancouver. The new addition is an old barn converted into a modern living room. It comes with an open kitchen a large balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a fully equipped guest room. The guest room is available for rent and it has all the basic amenities that you would expect from a guest room.

The guest room is available to rent on a daily or monthly basis. It comes complete with a large couch a bed a nightstand a table and an Ottoman. A complete set of towels robes and a night stand is also included in the package. The guest room also includes a small refrigerator microwave oven coffeemaker double sink and microwave oven. The kitchen has a refrigerator and sink for storage and the cooktop. All of the appliances in the kitchen are of top-quality and the stove is extremely efficient.

The other area that is available to guests at Archways is the pool. The pool has three pools and a clubhouse attached to it. There are two covered areas that are available for use and it is heated during the winter months. The pool area includes several lounge areas and pool decks. The lounge areas have tables and chairs while the deck has a grill and a water fountain. The pool is maintained by trained lifeguards so there is never any risk of drowning. Archways Sober Living is a wonderful place for people who want to live a clean healthy and comfortable lifestyle and who want a convenient place to live.

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