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6829 North 21st Avenue Phoenix AZ 85015
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Arizona Center for Disability Law in Phoenix AZ is an Arizona Legal Service Corporation that provides services to people with disabilities. The center is located in Phoenix, and is one of the leading disability law firms in the state. The firm is represented by experienced disability law attorneys. They are well versed in many disability related issues, and have gained the respect of the court system by offering outstanding service. Their main clients include businesses, individuals and organizations that are involved in the distribution of goods and services to the disabled community. Most of their clients are also involved in various types of work, either at home or in the workplace.

The law firm is specialized in all areas of the law. The center offers extensive knowledge in the fields of civil rights, labor law, disability discrimination law, and medical malpractice law. All their cases are based on the fact that the disabled person deserves full and equal rights as the non-disabled. The law firm provides a free initial consultation, before the case starts, and after the case has been resolved. They also offer legal advice and assistance in various other ways.

The Center for Disability Law in Phoenix AZ is one of the leading disability law firms in the country. The lawyers of this law firm are highly qualified and are capable of providing the best disability assistance. The law firm’s attorneys offer effective legal assistance to their clients through their highly experienced staff and attorneys.

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