Cahaba Center for Mental Health - Selma AL 36701

417 Medical Center Parkway Selma AL 36701

Founded in 1973 by Dr. William W. Riker, a psychiatrist from New York City, Cahaba center for mental health provides care and support to people suffering from mental illness, substance abuse and developmental disabilities. The center was named after Dr. Riker’s home city of New York City. The center provides an array of services including substance abuse rehabilitation, psychiatric nursing care, medical supervision, community outreach, and much more. It also offers social service programs that are designed to strengthen the families of those in its care, as well as teaching the community how to address addiction problems. The center has been ranked number one in the state of Alabama for its outstanding services and continues to be rated at that level today.\n\n \n\nThe center offers a variety of programs that help people with mental health problems get through their problems and live a more fulfilling life. They provide individual and family counseling and treatments for depression, anxiety, drug addiction, bipolar disorder, ADHD, eating disorders and many other psychological disorders. The center offers programs for the children as well as teen/youth programs. It provides medical supervision for patients, who are unable to make their own personal care for themselves, as well as other services like drug detoxification and treatment. The center is known for being a great place to work and live. Its staff is committed to providing high quality services. There are several onsite physicians that provide all types of treatments and medical services.\n\n \n\nThe center has been ranked number one in the state of Alabama for several years. The center has provided superior treatment for many individuals, who have struggled with a variety of mental illnesses over the years. The center offers a variety of services to its patients, such as medical and emotional assistance. It also provides educational opportunities and mentoring programs for its clients, as well as group and private counseling. The center strives to improve the lives of all of its patients and to give them the strength to overcome their addictions and mental disorders.

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