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Drug rehab is the medical or psychological treatment of dependence on psychologically addictive psychoactive substances such as street drugs like cocaine, alcohol, or prescription medications like methamphetamine. This is a health problem that affects millions of people worldwide and requires the intervention of a professional to treat the disease. The addict can be physically dependent on these substances or can also be dependent upon an addiction to another substance such as gambling, overeating, and social isolation. The drug abuser is also at risk to die due to the side effects of the substance abuse, especially when combined with alcohol and other drug abuse. The treatment options for drug addiction vary according to the extent of the addiction and the severity of the addiction. Some people may be able to overcome their addiction through therapy, counseling, or the combination of medication and therapy.

A drug rehab center will usually combine a variety of different treatments in order to provide the most effective treatment. The program will typically include a detoxification program, detox maintenance therapy, and either individual or group therapy. Detoxification, in some cases, may involve the use of a residential facility or a community-based rehab facility. The detoxification phase is designed to remove the addict from any drugs or alcohol and allow them to return to a normal lifestyle. Detox will include the treatment of withdrawal symptoms and can last for several weeks. It also involves the use of anti-anxiety drugs and medication to help control any withdrawal symptoms.

During the next phase of the drug rehabilitation program, detox maintenance therapy will occur. In this stage, the addict will be given counseling, behavioral modification, and medical supervision in order to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal. The rehabilitation center will continue to treat the addict with medication, counseling, and therapy, in addition to the use of detox maintenance therapy to help treat the addict’s underlying emotional and mental issues that led to the drug abuse in the first place. If you are looking for a drug rehabilitation center, you will want to make sure that they offer a complete treatment plan that addresses all of the needs of your loved one. Many times, they may require the use of medication in conjunction with counseling to help manage withdrawal symptoms and the physical addiction to the drug. Other times, the rehab center will require some type of group therapy or individual therapy, depending on the severity of your loved one’s problem.

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