Cornerstone Heal-g Center - Phoenix AZ 85018

4202 N. 32nd St. Suite I Phoenix AZ 85018
(602) 957-3524(602) 957-3524

“Cornerstones Healing Center in Phoenix AZ” is the name of the center located in Scottsdale. It is one of the leading addiction recovery centers in the state of Arizona. The center has been providing drug abuse treatment services to addicts for over ten years now. It was established by Dr. Richard H. Brown in 1999. The center is dedicated to helping addicts get rid of their addictions through the various treatment options available to them. “Center” is an anagram for treatment and the center offers multiple treatment programs to its clients. This center is accredited by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

“Center” is a multi-disciplinary substance abuse treatment program that is tailored to meet the needs of its clients. It is not just a rehab facility for alcoholics, it is also a clinic for those who suffer from co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety disorder. There are many people who suffer from addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex, and this center specializes in treating these types of problems. There are many programs offered by the center such as, Narcotics Anonymous, Life Skills Training and more. The Center also offers classes to help its clients learn about their addiction and what to do about it.

The center offers a variety of outpatient services. These services include, counseling and group meetings; individual therapy, therapeutic group counseling and individual and family therapy. You may also be able to receive treatment at the center’s facility if you choose. The center can provide you with medications that will help you deal with your addictions and overcome them. If you are looking for an addiction and substance abuse treatment center, the Center is probably the best choice for you. They are well known for their treatment programs and have helped millions recover from addiction and live their lives without addiction.

4202 North 32nd Street Phoenix AZ 85018 0 km
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4202 North 32nd Street Suite I Phoenix AZ 85018 0 km
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