Frantz Therapeutic Residential Home - Gadsden AL 35901

1038 McDuffie Street Gadsden AL 35901

The Frantz Therapeutic Residential Home for the Aging is a very affordable and accessible option. Located in a beautiful, historic part of downtown San Francisco, The Frantz Therapeutic Residential Home for the Aging offers affordable housing for senior citizens. The residents at The Frantz Therapeutic Residential Home for the Elderly receive personalized services such as fitness, massage, mental health, therapeutic cooking classes and education, and much more. They also get to live in comfortable surroundings with a variety of facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, walking paths, and more. With a great location on Market Street, residents can visit The Frantz Therapeutic Residential Home for the Elderly anytime they want. There are many great benefits offered to residents who live in this facility, including health care services, social activities, and a warm welcome.\n\n \n\nThe Frantz Therapy has two residential programs – The Community Living Program and The Senior Living Program. Residents are free to choose the type of program they prefer. They can choose the type of services and amenities that are available to them, and also what type of services they want to provide to other residents. These programs have a lot of benefits to offer to residents. They include the ability to earn money and build up skills. Residents learn basic housekeeping skills, socialize with other residents, and are taught essential life skills such as budgeting, communication skills, time management and more.\n\n \n\nThe Frantz Therapy also provides residents with an opportunity to build a good working relationship with other residents and staff members. They are taught how to communicate well, how to organize and budget, and how to prepare meals. This is a perfect place for seniors to live while working towards their independence. Residents get to enjoy a variety of services offered in this wonderful facility, while learning to enjoy life and living independently.

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