Harris Marci W - Mesa AZ 85203

1501 North Gilbert Road Mesa AZ 85203
(480) 926-5198(480) 926-5198

In early September, we took a break from our regular routine of skiing and spent a pleasant afternoon at the newly constructed, luxurious, indoor-outdoor Harris Marci W in Mesa AZ. As we arrived, the ski resort had just opened its doors to the public and was being adorned with a large sign reading “Welcome!” on one side and “The World’s Most Strenuous Sport” on the other. We were greeted by a wide, circular ski ramp in the middle of the lobby, and a couple of employees standing by to assist us with any questions or concerns that we might have.

Upon stepping off the elevator into the lobby, we immediately noticed that the interior was designed for guests who enjoy snowboarding, skydiving, and even snowmobiling in their indoor ski resort. This was a bit surprising because we had been told that this was a non-skiing facility. The interior was made out of dark red brick, with red leather couches, leather sofas, and a variety of leather accent pillows throughout the room. It was also apparent that the hotel has a great deal of thought put into every aspect of their facilities, from the decorating, to the heating system, to the amenities offered.

Once seated in the lobby, we were welcomed to our own private sitting room and introduced to a receptionist who led us to our main conference area. She then walked us around the entire lobby, explaining the various resorts, including their ski lifts, and then pointed out each of the rooms on the right and left of the lobby. Our room was located directly to the north and consisted of two beds, a desk, and several chairs. The only other furniture we could find were two chaises, a single chair, and a television. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the hotel’s knowledgeable staff and handed a brochure and map. The map showed a picture of the entire resort, and was accompanied by a detailed description of the amenities available in each of the five suites.

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