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Audrey B M.A. in Phoenix Arizona is a Master of Arts in Psychology. She has been a clinical psychologist since 1980 and has worked as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP), Clinical Social Worker (CSW), Marriage and Family Therapist (MWT), and Marriage and Relationships Counselor (MRC). Audrey received her Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Phoenix. She also holds a Master of Psychology Degree from Arizona State University. She specializes in the areas of personal development, marriage and family therapy, and children’s and adolescent psychology. Dr. B is an active member of The Association for Women in Psychology (AWPI) Phoenix Chapter and is a past president of the organization.

Audrey B works with individuals and couples. She provides individual and couples therapy for a variety of problems. Her primary areas of practice are relationships, social skills, career, personality development, and sexuality. She is also a Certified Clinical Social Worker, which is a Registered Nurse’s credential and provides additional training for social workers and other health professionals. She has also been licensed to practice in California, Georgia, and Texas. In addition, Dr. B is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Relationship Coach, and a Registered Clinical Psychologist (R.C.P.)

Audrey B is married and lives in Phoenix with her two children. She is a devoted mother and wife, who enjoy helping others live a happier and healthier life. She is passionate about improving the quality of life for people of all ages and is committed to using various tools and techniques to help individuals and couples live healthy and fulfilling lives. Audrey is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Phoenix, and she also serves as a Clinical Research Associate in the Department of Psychology.

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