La Frontera Psychiatric Health Fac - Tucson AZ 85714

1601 East Apache Park Place Tucson AZ 85714

La Frontera Psychiatric Health Center is an open treatment center for those with mental illnesses. This treatment center was established in 1982 by a group of psychiatrists who realized that if they set up such an open facility in Mexico then not only would it be a good choice for the Mexican people but it would also be a good choice for the United States. The main purpose of the center is to help patients recover and to regain their mental health so that they can return to a normal lifestyle and be productive members of society.

This type of open treatment center is designed so that people with mental illness have the ability to interact with one another in a non-judgmental way. They will be able to talk about what they are going through without being judged. They will also be able to get a variety of help from professionals in the treatment of mental illnesses. The professionals are trained to deal with all types of mental illnesses.

The La Frontera Psychiatric Health Center offers a wide range of treatment options. They offer different types of residential treatment mental health therapy community-based treatment outpatient treatment residential detoxification outpatient detoxification and therapeutic counseling. There are many different types of treatments offered by this open treatment center. They provide individual therapy family support groups community-based treatment marriage and family therapy group therapy and family therapy. In addition there are also specialty programs such as addiction therapy clinical social work couples’ counseling HIV/AIDS treatment geriatrics treatment head start HIV/AIDS medication counseling home health care life skills training and life coach.

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