Olivias House - Birmingham AL 35206

8017 2nd Avenue South Birmingham AL 35206

About ADTOC, the main objectives of admission to Olivias House is to admit addicts that are addicted to controlled substances such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. In addition, the patients who have a history of substance abuse will be admitted. The main criteria for admission to this residential facility is that the patient has a co-morbid mental illness and is not able to lead an active life without using drugs. The criteria also include being an IV addict who has been prescribed and using methadone or buprenorphine. In addition to this, the criteria must also involve patients who are pregnant or those who abuse alcohol.\n\n \n\nThe priorities of admission to Olivias House are; (1) Pregnancy/IV drug users, (2) pregnant substance abusers and (3) drug abusers who have been abusing alcohol or methadone for at least a year. All of these patients will be treated with care, compassion and respect, whatever their problems may be. They will be educated on the treatment programs offered and given assistance in meeting their rehabilitation needs. These patients are given an opportunity to meet their loved ones and family members. Family and friends will be included in the rehab program at the Olivias House. They will interact with the patient and be able to know what is going on with him/her, what their priorities are and the progress they have made so far. It is hoped that all of these patients can return to normal, sober lives once the program is complete.\n\n \n\nADTOC is a residential treatment center that provides drug abuse rehabilitation to a wide variety of people who have substance abuse problems. There are many other benefits that addicts get through this program. These include being educated on the latest treatments for addiction and being able to interact with other addicts who have the same problems as they have. This in turn gives them the chance to share experiences and learn from other’s mistakes and to learn how to deal with their own personal difficulties and issues that are related to substance abuse.


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