Prescott Sober Living - Prescott AZ 86301

733 Ruth St Prescott Arizona 86301
(928) 925-3455(928) 925-3455

Prescott Sober Living is a new residential addiction treatment center in Prescott Arizona. It was founded by Dr. Robert Balsom an Alcoholic Beverage Addictions specialist who went on to found the Phoenix Treatment Center and Arizona Recovery Center. The Prescott so-called “treatment center” was originally going to be the Prescott Addiction Treatment Center but then they decided to go with a much more professional name and now they are Prescott Sober Living.

Prescott Sober Living offers residential treatment for addicts. This treatment involves detoxification of the addict and their surroundings. This is done through participation in group therapy sessions and group activities. This program is designed to help you get your life back get rid of alcohol addiction and also help you live a more productive life.

They offer a 12-step residential treatment program that helps you overcome your addiction. It’s a comprehensive program that has several modules all of which have been designed to meet your individual needs. The program is a great way to start over. This program can help you move beyond your addiction and lead a healthy life. You will learn what caused your addiction and how you can prevent it from happening again.

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