Southwest Behavioral Health - Metro Center Outpatient Cl-ic - Phoenix AZ 85023

2302 West Greenway Road Phoenix AZ 85023
(602) 863-6859(602) 863-6859

What is Southwest Behavioral Health? It is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of treatments for addictions, behavioral disorders, mental illnesses, and more. They are the largest and oldest outpatient treatment center in the Phoenix area. They provide quality treatment to their patients and have a very strong reputation of being able to effectively treat all types of patients. They also have a very high success rate and are well respected for being able to help their patients overcome addictions and mental disorders.

The Southwest Behavioral Health Metro Center Outpatient Clinic in Phoenix AZ is a full service facility that offers both outpatient and inpatient services for people suffering from a variety of disorders, addictions, and mental illnesses. These treatments include everything from medication for depression and anxiety to counseling, and even spiritual and behavioral therapy. Their goal is to provide a wide range of options to their patients, and to help them overcome the obstacles they face in their lives. The center is also committed to continuing education to keep up with the latest research and treatments available. They are staffed with professionally trained staff members who provide medical and mental health services to their patients. Some of the services offered at the Southwest Behavioral Health Center include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. They even offer the opportunity for people suffering from addictions or mental disorders to attend group therapy sessions as a way to improve their mental health.

The Southwest Behavioral Health Metro Center Outpatient Clinic is located on the campus of the University of Arizona in Phoenix. The facility was founded in the early 1990s to help people suffering from various addictions and mental disorders find alternative ways to help themselves. There are a variety of professional therapists, doctors, and counselors that work at the clinic, helping their patients overcome addictions and other mental disorders. There is also a medical technician who is qualified to provide basic care to patients. All services at the clinic are conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Arizona Department of Health Services. This allows for safe and effective care for their patients.

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