Touchstone Behavioral Health - Casa Grande AZ 85122

1120 East 6th Street Casa Grande AZ 85122

Touchstone Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Center is a treatment center for those people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, and any other substances. The center is located in Casa Grande AZ, which is one of the cities located in Arizona. This center offers various treatments which can help the addicts overcome the addiction. They are specially designed for people who are addicted in their mind and body. Touchstone Behavioral Health and Rehabilitation Center offer various types of therapy for the addicted people to give the best recovery treatment.

Touchstone Behavior Health and Rehabilitation Center has many facilities including an emergency room and pharmacy facility. Other than this the center has all the latest medical equipments like IV’s, ultrasound machines, and other medical equipment. These equipments are designed keeping in mind the patients needs. For example, ultrasound machines are used in the center to treat cancer. If the cancer is not treated properly it may spread to other parts of the body or even to the brain causing death. Thus these equipments are used to detect and treat cancer and to stop the spread of the disease.

There are many people who suffer from alcohol dependency but are not able to get treatment for themselves. The center provides a 24 hour medical aid facility for them. This means that the patient can get medical help anytime they need. These medical equipments have all the latest medical technology like x-ray machines and CT scanners. The facility also offers advanced diagnostic equipment to make sure that the patient is getting the best medical attention. These equipments are used to diagnose the patient and to treat any complications that may occur after the treatment. These equipments include MRI and Ultrasound and other diagnostic tools.

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