Drug Detoxification Center in Reno Boosts Mental Health Services

Drug Detoxification Center in Reno Boosts Mental Health Services
Photo provided by Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital.

A drug detoxification center in Reno opened recently and is the first newly built hospital in Washoe County in more than three decades.

Reno Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is intended to deliver a tranquil location in a calming setting. The 80,000 square feet, 124 bed drug detoxification center was designed to treat substance abuse and mental health.

The drug detoxification center will also be the newest location for those who need treatment after being incarcerated. There are 28 Nevada court ordered alcohol and drug rehab centers — nine are in Reno.

Nevada has numerous drug treatment centers, but mental health services lack. The state currently ranks last in the U.S. in terms of mental health services and access to mental health care, according to Mental Health America.

Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN) is one of the organizations spreading awareness to the issue of substance abuse and the damage it can cause. The organization was established in 1995 after a group of concerned citizens realized that substance abuse was becoming a growing problem in Washoe County.

The organization began as a coalition which is a collaboration of the community members who  had a common goal: forming substance abuse free community.

At the 2017 legislature, Gov. Brian Sandoval suggested important cuts to mental health services in the state. Nevada state representatives put a halt to a few of those cutbacks, but chose to cut funding and reduce staff for outpatient centers.

In the 2017-2019 legislative approved budget, lawmakers opted to approve $1,728,610 for a Rehab Voice Program, which will serve people with physical or mental deficiencies. The program will deliver services to 14 offices throughout Nevada.

In 2016, there were 110 drug-related deaths in Washoe County, down from 133 deaths in 2015, according to the Washoe County Annual Report. That report also indicated that methamphetamines were involved in most drug-related deaths in Washoe County, with 46 casualties, while prescription opioids caused 43 casualties.

When patients arrive at the hospital, the first thing that happens is an assessment. This determines the type and length of treatment that the patient needs at the drug detoxification center.

If the patient is admitted, they are questioned regarding their safety and comfort levels. If it is determined that they do not need the services provided by Reno Behavioral Healthcare, they will be referred to other hospitals that would be more adept at assisting the patient.

This drug detoxification center opens a week after one of the largest substance abuse and mental health providers closed down. WestCare, a drug detoxification center that offers mental health services, abruptly closed at the beginning of the month. The closure allegedly was due to the lack of funding for care for the drug detoxification center.

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