How Synthetic Marijuana Effects Your body

the use of synthetic marijuana is legal in the state of georgia
Synthetic Marijuana

With the modern world’s significant innovations come the adverse effects and risks we have never predicted. We are also presented with more experiments and discoveries that quickly change the game from technology to efficient transportation to social media, home appliances, and other inventions. 

We see the growing trend in the medical field as well, and it’s not slowing down any time soon. A great example of this is the relatively new synthetic marijuana, or otherwise widely received as K2 or Spice. 

Continue reading to discover everything you might need to know about synthetic marijuana.


What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana, also known as synthetic cannabinoids, is a chemically altered plant drug that provides mind-altering effects equivalent to or more potent than marijuana. It is most often smoked, although it may also be incorporated in beverages or food. Chemicals discovered here are made to appear like the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Unfortunately, the DEA discovered that the ingredients used in synthetic marijuana are produced in Asia under unregulated conditions. They are then smuggled into the United States, carrying substances that may or may not be authorized.

There are fifteen synthetic marijuana variations that have been designated as Schedule I drugs, putting them in the same category as cocaine and heroin. Furthermore, over 75 additional unregulated compounds—chemicals ranging from safe to hazardous for consumption—can be discovered in synthetic marijuana.

Despite considerable evidence to the contrary, we now see synthetic marijuana offered and packaged as “safe” in a plethora of convenience stores and lifestyle shops, all packaged differently depending on the manufacturing company. This marketing loophole permits the drug to be disseminated and legally sold when branded as incense and designated as “not for human consumption.” 

Still, the most difficult challenge has been keeping up with the chemicals that make up the substance. Synthetic marijuana sellers have been able to continue selling this hazardous substance by merely changing the molecular composition of the ingredients.


Understanding the Side Effects

Many people are under the impression that synthetic marijuana is a safer alternative because it can be purchased legally. Users are becoming more interested in this substance since it does not appear on most drug tests. However, because synthetic marijuana is not designed for human consumption, it is considered abuse.

Synthetic Marijuana effects include altered perception of reality and a sense of relaxation. While this may appear to be a good thing, the actual chemicals in synthetic marijuana vary from batch to batch. Some substances, ranging from fertilizers to cancer therapies, were never intended for human ingestion.

Furthermore, there have been several reports of serious adverse marijuana effects from synthetic marijuana effects, including death. High blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, seizures, elevated heart rate, excessive perspiration, hallucinations, heart attacks, and renal damage have all been reported in users.


Common Signs of Spice Addiction, Withdrawal, and Treatments

Prolonged use of synthetic marijuana may result in various psychological and physical problems, including serious addiction.

The human body is prone to processing and relying on the drug due to its chemically produced mind-altering characteristics. Signs of addiction are outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to warn individuals or discover anyone dealing with synthetic marijuana addiction.

Spice withdrawal symptoms are similar to those of cannabis withdrawal and might include headaches, anxiety, coughing, irritation, and impatience. Excessive sweating, nausea, and vomiting are other unpleasant symptoms that might continue for a week. Longer-term effects may include sleeplessness, mental unrest, tremors, difficulties concentration, sadness, and persistent cravings.

Meanwhile, extreme cases of Spice withdrawal might manifest with potentially fatal consequences like seizures and respiratory difficulties, which are uncommon. To assist with this, expert monitoring services must be sought to control such life-threatening circumstances.

In terms of treatment, detox programs would be the most optimal and realistic way to cleanse the body of harmful substances. Detox is an essential component of long-term rehabilitation and is usually the first step toward sobriety. To avoid relapse, it is critical to detox safely at home, seek professionally monitored medical detoxification and psychological assistance.

synthetic marijuana vs real marijuana
Synthetic Marijuana

Organic Marijuana vs. Synthetic Marijuana

Further study has revealed that synthetic cannabis is not the same as marijuana. Therefore, the public must understand how synthetic cannabis affects the brain and how it may be fatal. Here are the three ways to differentiate the two:

  • High-efficiency Brain Binding

In severe dependencies, synthetic cannabis has the potential to cause convulsions to insanity. This substance binds the CB1 receptor to a brain cell as a complete agonist to high levels of efficacy rather than the partial agonist.

Toxicologists adhere to the concept that the dosage determines the toxin. Specifically designed to bind with cannabinoid receptors, synthetic cannabinoids offer a similar function in the brain, but physical impact vastly differs. Additionally, its strength reaches 100 or more times that of THC. This alone demonstrates that this manufactured drug, which has life-threatening side effects, is not marijuana.

  • Effects on the Many Brain CB Receptors

Because CB1 receptors are located in every part of the brain, utilizing synthetic cannabis can result in a wide range of adverse effects. This substance may potentially send an overpowering feeling to the brain due to its strong-binding and long-lasting chemicals, and such sensations may result in negative consequences.

It’s important to note that location is critical. The hippocampus stores memories and receptors in some regions of the temporal cortex that cause seizures. Meanwhile, synthetic cannabinoids cause more psychosis in the prefrontal cortex. CB1 receptors in the brain stem pose the highest risk of mortality, affecting the cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems.

  • Synthetic Marijuana Overdose vs. Organic Pot Overdose

The most apparent indication that synthetic cannabis is not the same as natural marijuana is that an overdose with the substance looks nothing like an overdose with raw marijuana.

Marijuana users are often interactive, mellow, and amusing. Perhaps hallucinations are rare, and organic cannabis puts one in a happy, relaxed state. Now and again, a user may encounter a “bad trip” with natural marijuana, but it seldom lasts long. People who use synthetic marijuana grow to be furious and agitated. They experience long-lasting panic attacks, bouts of paranoia, and a general feeling of aggression and hypersensitivity.



As they say, everything must be tried and done in moderation, but this notion applies only to everything that can be safely consumed, such as food and beverages and the occasional Netflix binge. When it comes to mind-altering substances such as synthetic marijuana, we never know how it could affect our minds and bodies. 

Don’t fall prey to misleading marketing scams that label unnatural substances as “natural,” “herbal,” and “organic.” If you experience harmful side effects after using a specific substance, chances are it is heavily laced with chemical compounds not administered for human consumption. Moreover, it’s crucial to point out that addiction begins at even the most minuscule amounts of chemical consumption.

At this point, you must already gain a clearer understanding of the dangers of synthetic marijuana. Yes, it can not only give you a “bad trip,” but it can also leave you with long-lasting adverse effects. As a result, taking this drug is a risk to your life and the lives of the people around you. Therefore, it would be wise to steer clear of substances that may be harmful to your health.

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