How to Tell if Weed is Laced: Knowing the Dangers of Laced Marijuana

laced marijuana
What does laced weed look like

When it comes to the drug world, the term “laced” might be something you’ve heard of before. If this is your first time learning of this word or you’re unsure what laced means, it is when drugs such as cocaine have trace amounts of other drugs to bulk up the original products. This typically happens when drugs are sold by weight, where sellers add other substances to increase the actual product’s weight to make more money.

While this is definitely a bad business practice, there are other dangers that come with laced drugs. For instance, cocaine laced with fentanyl creates a deadly combination. Even marijuana can be laced with other drugs with psychoactive effects to boost low-quality cannabis. Regardless, laced or unlaced drugs, for that matter, are harmful.

What Does Laced Weed Look Like?

It can be very difficult to tell if weed is laced. However, there are several things you can do to tell if marijuana being sold is laced.  If you inspect the physical appearance of the marijuana, it might be easy to spot what has been done to it. For instance, you might notice some tiny white flecks of powder. This could mean that the marijuana has been cut with over-the-counter pills. Alternatively, it could mean that the marijuana has been laced with a more dangerous substance, such as PCP.

Apart from its physical appearance being slightly different, laced marijuana can also smell different. By now, you might know the distinct smell of marijuana. If the one in your hands smells more like a chemical than it does regular marijuana, there’s a high chance it was laced. 

What Drugs Can My Marijuana Be Laced With?

If you want to know if your marijuana has been laced, it’s essential to know the different drugs marijuana can be laced with. 

When it comes to the marijuana being laced, there are dozens of different drugs it can be laced with. It can be laced with anything from over-the-counter pills to meth. Some other common drugs that are added to marijuana include PCP, LSD, ketamine, meth, prescription pills, cocaine, pharmaceutical drugs, over-the-counter pills, and the like.

While there are multiple laced substances out there, one of the most common substances is PCP. If you notice PCP laced into your marijuana, it is important to know the effects it can have. PCP is a psychedelic drug that produces both hallucinogenic and dissociative effects.

It also acts as an anti-anxiety and dissociative drug, as well as an analgesic. The drug produces a number of dangerous side effects, including anxiety, depression, paranoia, and numerous others. It is also known to produce sudden unexpected death syndrome (SUDS).

Is Lacing A Big Problem?

For many, this might be the first time learning laced cannabis. While it is a problem in parts of the country, it’s not nearly as big as possible.

That being said, there are ways you can spot laced marijuana. However, it is still your responsibility as a consumer to know what you’re buying. With that being said, several risks go with laced marijuana. Keep in mind that even the most experienced marijuana user can fall victim to laced marijuana.

How Dangerous Is Laced Marijuana?

Lacing cannabis with other drugs can have serious repercussions. This isn’t just because of the dangers the laced drugs themselves have. For example, if you smoke PCP-laced weed, you’re not only exposing yourself to PCP, you’re also exposing yourself to the other chemicals present in marijuana. This can be dangerous in and of itself.

Additionally, smoking laced marijuana increases your chances of overdosing. PCP, for example, is known to cause psychosis. This disorder can cause you to suffer from hallucinations, which can lead to terrible side effects.

laced weed
How to know if weed is laced

What Are the Effects of Laced Marijuana?

The effects of laced marijuana vary depending on the substance you may have been exposed to. But in general, the consequences can be worse than that of cannabis alone.

For example, if you smoke weed laced with PCP, you can experience hallucinations and even paranoia. If you smoke weed laced with cocaine, you might get a high that’s similar to that of cocaine. However, you’ll also experience the side effects of marijuana, such as dry mouth or anxiety. If you smoke weed laced with ecstasy, you might experience a euphoric feeling for a few hours. Afterward, however, you can experience paranoia, anxiety, and a high fever. If you smoke weed laced with ketamine, you might experience an out-of-body feeling, a loss of motor control, and a loss of sensation.

Again, the side effects of laced marijuana will contain the typical side effects of marijuana plus the effects of the added drug. The combination of such effects can sometimes lead to severe results, which can even end in death.

How Can I Avoid Purchasing Laced Marijuana?

It would be best if you informed yourself of the dangers of laced marijuana before you purchase the product. The effects of laced marijuana are similar to those of marijuana alone, so you should keep a lookout for the side effects of marijuana. You will then be able to tell if the marijuana you’re about to purchase has been laced.

Purchasing marijuana from a marijuana dispensary is another way you can avoid getting laced marijuana. At marijuana dispensaries, the product is tested and regulated. The product is then sold under a brand name. If you purchase marijuana from a marijuana dispensary, you can be sure that you’re getting the real product.

Medical marijuana is a viable alternative for patients who have been using drugs for years. Medical marijuana is a natural, non-addictive, and safe treatment for patients who have been using their drugs for years. Medical marijuana is available to help patients who are suffering from withdrawal. Medical marijuana is available in the form of medical marijuana edibles, pot brownies, and medical marijuana tinctures. 


Laced weed is all too common and can be found anywhere. Always understand that there will be some risk to the activity. If you do find yourself smoking laced marijuana, it is vital to stop right away and seek help if needed.