Green Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Addiction can happen at any point while using. An individual may start by just trying a substance in a social setting, which could be their first time, or start by other circumstances. It doesn’t matter the place or number of times one uses, drugs can instantly lead to a life of depending on substances that are poison to the body, which change an individual’s life and future.

Developing a resistance against an addiction alone is a huge challenge, which is why Green inpatient drug detox centers and other treatment facilities around Portage Lakes, Barberton and North Canton are available to help with the process. Each facility offers either inpatient programs, outpatient programs or both to help those overcoming an addiction to prescription drugs, methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine.

Strategies Used in Green Treatment Facilities

Inpatient and outpatient facilities typically use a combination of researched methods and therapies. In a Green drug detox program, the patient undergoes getting rid of any substances in their system first. Then the detox program itself may provide the patient with medication to lessen the withdrawal effects caused by many substances, including prescription drugs, methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine, which make the process more bearable. Medical treatment prescribed will depend on the patient’s addictive substance. When a patient pursues treatment after the detox process, the facility may choose to continue to prescribe medication to help prevent cravings.

These addiction therapy methods are used during all phases of the detox process, and while the patient is in the middle of the program. The patient will work with a therapist to understand what originally led them to use drugs. Therapists also help patients develop mental exercises to help avoid future use. Therapy can occur in a private or a group setting. While private therapy sessions result in more one-on-one attention for the patient, group therapy sessions provide peer support.

Round the Clock Assistance at Green Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Inpatient drug rehabilitation centers offer different living arrangements where patients can live on-site for an amount of time that may vary depending on their needs. Green inpatient drug detox centers recommend the patient stay for the length it takes them to detox and then pursue the recovery process through outpatient rehab. In some cases, patients are required to stay in an inpatient facility for a period of weeks or months.

At a Green inpatient rehab, patients from Portage Lakes, Barberton or North Canton have trained professionals to continually provide support through recovery. Each patient in an inpatient setting is treated outside of the environment they once were in, which will prepare them to avoid triggers that would otherwise lead them back to self medication through drug abuse.

Getting Green Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The patient must visit a facility frequently, possibly every day at the beginning, in order to receive treatment, as is required by an intensive outpatient addiction treatment program. This involves individualized therapy, which could last for as long as a few hours, and may require additional medication.

Those undergoing outpatient addiction treatment won’t need to visit as often when they start to progress in their recovery from an addiction to prescription drugs, methamphetamine, heroin or cocaine. The intensive portion of outpatient treatment occurs during the initial phase when the patient may be detoxing. Outpatient facilities offer other options for those who support others daily and need to continue handling their day-to-day responsibilities while receiving treatment.

With all these programs available, many individuals are not properly educated in this field in regards to which option should be chosen. This is where our addiction specialists come into play. Our specialists have years of experience in working with those who are facing addiction and pairing them with treatment options in Green as well as Portage Lakes, Barberton or North Canton. Call us today to schedule your first visit.

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