Provo Drug Addiction Recovery Center Celebrates First Anniversary

Provo Drug Addiction Recovery Center Celebrates First Anniversary

A distinctive drug addiction recovery center located in Provo, Utah is about to celebrate its one year anniversary.

The drug addiction recovery center, called Building Beginnings, is a registered nonprofit organization that was founded by five men in July 2017. At the time that the idea came up, the men who founded the center — who have all been going through recovery themselves — had been working together and going to an addiction treatment program together.

They had noticed that peer support was exceptionally valuable in their own journeys to recovery and decided that they could do something to help more people who were going through similar situations.

Brett Griffiths, the CEO and owner of the center, stated that his dream was to be able to help anyone who truly desired to remain sober and needed help, regardless of financial status.

The facility provides a series of resources to those looking to recover. The Building Beginnings team focuses on helping each patient reach a point of self-sufficiency and independence. Patients are trained to learn different skills while the staff members arrange employment opportunities and transportation for them.

The people who seek assistance at Building Beginnings also receive free shelter for one week. After the first week, the patients should be employed and start paying for their accommodations and other expenses, such as treatment.

No experience is needed for the positions offered by the center. People can do several different things such as cleaning, plumbing, painting, driving helping with landscape or electrical work.

The outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs offered by the center are affordable to the residents and housing costs are $100 a week.

In addition, every person who is employed by the addiction recovery center, without exception, shares a history of battling a substance use disorder.

In less than one year, Building Beginnings has already managed to assist more than 600 individuals recover from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

However, the path to help all of these people has not always been a smooth one. The representatives of the recovery center have highlighted that in several occasions they did not think they would be able to maintain the business active.  They stated that some of the major obstacles they faced since the establishment of the center were related to federal taxes and overall financial stability.

The manager of the center explained that the center has been able to partner with other Utah-based organizations and form subcontracts to keep the business self-sustainable.

The organizations that they have established subcontracts with are for-profit and focus on different areas, such as construction and landscape. These partnerships also have been critical in enabling the people who are going through recovery to have an income.

Fundraisers and donations have also helped the Building Beginnings team restore their faith and keep the company going.

Now, the drug addiction recovery center has more than 130 employees and there are plans for the programs offered by the facility to continue growing to reach a national level.