Salt Lake City Drug Detox Gets Technological Enhancement

who were skeptical about the product would then try it and see that it had no negative effects

“The thing to remember about this is it’s only a device to help with the detox,” he said. “It doesn’t help you with the root causes of why you were using in the first place. It helps you get off what you’re using but then you have to take the next step by going into treatment.”

Carlisle was nethertheless impressed with how much the BRIDGE program has helped patients detox.

“I personally watched and videotaped four of our clients who are going through withdrawals,” he added. “It’s pretty amazing that within the first 10 minutes the horrible anxiety starts to dissipate almost completely. Within 20 or 30 minutes, the chills, the bone ache and the runny nose, the runny eyes, the nausea seem to almost completely go away. It’s pretty amazing to watch in person.”