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FDA Approves Opioid More Powerful Than Fentanyl

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved expanded medical use of an opioid-based drug. The announcement garnered much criticism from numerous healthcare...

Proposed Program May Benefit Addiction Treatment in Shreveport

A proposal has been presented to the city council of Shreveport, Louisiana to establish a needle exchange program. If approved, the effort may cut...

Prevention Efforts Compliment Substance Abuse Treatment in El Paso

Law enforcement officers are partnering with a substance abuse treatment provider in El Paso, Texas to encourage local residents to turn in unused or...

Greeneville Program Connects Locals to Addiction Recovery Resources

A nonprofit organization based in Greeneville, Tennessee that serves multiple counties will now connect individuals to addiction recovery resources. The founders of the nonprofit, a...

The Link Between Substance Abuse and Music

Last week, rapper Mac Miller died of an alleged drug overdose at the age of 26. While the cause of death is still to...

Board Votes Against Addiction Treatment Center in Greenleaf Township

A meeting was held last week to discuss the potential location of a residential addiction treatment center in Greenleaf Township, Michigan. Greenleaf Township is located...

An Overview of Drug Abuse in U.S. High Schools

A recent study shows that many American citizens recognize drug abuse is a national problem but most of them are not aware of the...

Taos Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health Provider Closing

A behavioral healthcare provider that offers medical services including addiction treatment in Taos and other New Mexico cities announced it will be closing at...

Fort Totten Addiction Treatment Center Will Open Next Year

An American Indian (AI) tribe has collaborated with state government officials to build an addiction treatment center in Fort Totten, North Dakota with the...

Lorain Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers Could Expand with Waiver

Government officials are proposing to revise a Medicaid exclusion that currently limits the number of beds inpatient addiction treatment centers can have in Lorain...
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