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Electromagnetics continue to show promise in cocaine addiction treatment

An Italian psychiatrist continues to garner success after making breakthroughs with experimental applications of electromagnetic pulses to treat cocaine addiction. Luigi Gallimberti, who is also a...

A weight loss drug may be the newest tool to treat...

There are currently no drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat cocaine addiction, but a weight loss medication could...

Research reveals cocaine could be more addictive than thought

A recent study revealed that those who engage in the recreational use of cocaine could be flirting with addiction more than previously believed. According to...

Strong connectivity between brain networks can predict and prevent cocaine relapse

Connectivity between several networks in the brain may protect against the risk of cocaine relapse, a new study conducted by researchers from the National...

New research finds brain systems that can help curb cocaine abuse

A new study suggests a possible approach to treating cocaine abuse and preventing relapse by curbing physical and emotional cravings in the brain. The research...
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