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Burley Program Helps Women with Substance Use Disorders

A local couple has been assisting former women inmates recovering from substance use disorders in Burley, Idaho. Dallas and Marcy Bruderer are Idaho Department of...

Norway Votes to Decriminalize Drug Use, in Favor of Treatment

Norway’s parliament has voted to decriminalize drug use this week, moving instead to focus on treatment for addicted drug users in place of punitive...

Medications for opioid use disorder see massive spikes in funding

The amount of Medicaid money spent on three crucial medications used to fight opioid use disorder (OUD) increased sharply between 2011 and 2016, with...

Women at risk as opioid use hospital visit numbers surge

The number of women hospitalized due to opioid use — including painkillers and heroin — has skyrocketed in the last ten years. A new report by the...

Major opioid use linked to mental health disorders

A new study has revealed that people with anxiety or depression account for a huge portion of prescription opioid use. Only 16 percent of adults...
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