What is Boofing? Learn the Dangers and Long Term Effects of Boofing

What is Boofing

Getting high couldn’t happen fast enough for some drug addicts. Because of this, those needing their fix faster seek a more efficient way to get drugs into their system, no matter how ridiculous or unsafe they may seem. Besides trying a more potent drug, getting high as quickly as possible can be done by experimenting with unusual forms of administration, and one method stands out in particular is boofing.

What Is Boofing?

Boofing drugs, also known as plugging drugs, refers to the process of inserting drugs into the anus. Compared to oral consumption, this method gives a more immediate high. This is because the anal cavity has a thinner surface layer and a high number of blood vessels, which is why substances inserted into this area absorb drugs much faster.

To understand how boofing works, it’s important to understand the process involved in taking drugs orally. Oral drug delivery involves the First Pass, which means the body’s natural defense system is allowed to break down and moderate the absorption of toxins. In other words, it filters chemicals to prevent poisoning.

Boofing works by totally bypassing this filtering process. The drugs skip the digestive tract and get distributed right away through the blood vessels and the circulatory system. In short, the substances are dumped directly into the bloodstream. As a result, they are more easily absorbed into the body.

Why Do People Boof?

People are starting to boof drugs for different reasons, but many choose to try this method because of its faster effect times. While other methods like snorting or intravenous injection can also lead to a faster high, this method of administration can be intimidating, especially for drug users who fear needles. It also leaves noticeable marks on the skin, such as needle tracks. 

Other people who choose to boof drugs are teenagers and young adults. Since these age groups tend to be more open to experimenting with drugs, some users try it simply to satisfy their curiosity about this ridiculous method. On the other hand, others give in to peer pressure or try it to one-up their peers or look cool to their friends. 

What Are Other Forms of Boofing?

Besides drugs, boofing involves alcohol. It is often referred to as butt-chugging or alcohol enema. This method involves ingesting alcohol through the rectum to allow the substance to bypass the digestive system and produce stronger, faster effects. It is usually done using beer funnels or rubber tubing.

what is boofing
Boofing — Beer Bong

Butt-chugging is quite common. In fact, it has even been featured on the big screen. In the movie Blockers, John Cena’s character competes in a butt-chugging contest. Although the scene showcases this trend as fun and popular, it’s important to remember that butt-chugging has dangerous effects that could be life-threatening.

How Long Does It Take To Feel the Effects?

Users who boof drugs may feel the effects as quickly as minutes after administration, depending on their experience with the drug and the dosage. Compared to orally ingesting an ecstasy pill, for instance, boofing produces a much faster high. The effects of oral administration will only start 20-60 minutes after administration. As for how long the high lasts, it depends on the body’s tolerance, dosage, and the specific drug.

When it comes to methamphetamine, the onset time is estimated to be 3-5 minutes. The meth’s effects generally last for hours, regardless of the mode of administration. Users who boof meth usually mix the drug with water and then squirt it into the rectum using a syringe without a needle. 

Can Boofing Be Done without a Syringe?

Using sterile syringes is the most common and safest, but it isn’t the only option for boofing drugs. Other users make suppositories, especially for prescribed medications. However, this approach delivers a slow release, making it not ideal for people who want to feel the high as soon as possible. 

Others use lubricant injectors and enema bulbs for boofing. The drawback is they are not as precise as syringes. Additionally, using them can be inconvenient since they require constant sterilization for re-use, in contrast to syringes that are disposable.

Some drug addicts simply insert drugs up their butt, particularly crystalline and rocky substances. This process is also known as stuffing. It’s best to avoid this method since it can increase the risk of rectal bleeding, infection, and tears.

What Does the High Feel Like?

Users say the high from boofing drugs may be felt more in the limbs or torso. If the syringe used isn’t properly lubricated, it might cause some pain, irritation, or discomfort. 

While not all users feel this, experiencing arousal is also possible. In fact, some users particularly enjoy boofing because of anal pleasure. This is also the reason why some sex parties feature this method.

What Are the Short-Term and Long-Term Dangers and Effects of Boofing?

While it may seem harmless, boofing drugs is dangerous and can even be deadly. Many users don’t take smaller doses than normal. For this reason, boofers are more susceptible to overdose because the effects of the drugs are magnified and more intense due to the fast absorption rate. Here are several dangers of boofing drugs:

  • An Increased Risk of STI

Boofing increases the risk of damaging the anus. The internal tissue and mucous membrane can get accidentally torn while the drug is being administered. When this happens, pain and bleeding may also occur. As a result, there is a greater risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, like HIV, chlamydia-related lymphogranuloma venereum, and hepatitis C.

  • Damage to the Rectum and Intestines

Regular boofing can damage the rectum and intestines since they are not meant to handle drugs. Here are other effects of boofing drugs:

  • A bloody stool
  • A constant feeling of needing to go to the bathroom
  • Blocking of blood flow to part of the intestine
  • The inability to control bowel movements
  • Tears in the rectal tissues or membranes
  • The unnatural death of cells
  • The need for a colostomy


  • Greater Risk of Overdose 

Regardless of the drug used, boofing can overwhelm the body and lead to a greater risk of overdose because the effects hit much harder and faster than normal. This is especially true for users who take the dosage they would normally take for oral administration and fail to realize that it is too much for boofing. Unfortunately, there are no well-defined dosages of drugs to avoid overdosing since boofing is a relatively newer method of administration.

The overdose risk for boofing is increased when users mix multiple downers or take drugs in an uncomfortable environment. Since the body’s tolerance influences the effects, people who boof drugs for the first time or after a break are also more prone to experiencing an overdose. Users might also have a higher chance of over-amping if they haven’t been drinking enough fluids, eating, or sleeping.


Drug users, particularly addicts who become desperate, sometimes go to extreme lengths to get high as quickly as possible. This compels them to try boofing drugs. While it may seem like just a crazy trend that is harmless, its effects are serious, and its dangers could be fatal. For this reason, if you or someone you love is dealing with drug addiction, reach out to an addiction center right away.