blocking the ability to get high from the drug.

Researchers saw that antibodies in the blood of mice and saw that the vaccine successfully neutralized fentanyl after the last injection that the rodents received. Furthermore, the mice did not show any signs of behavior similar to getting high. Researchers are now focused on more sophisticated animal studies (non-human primates).

Researchers from Scripps are not stopping here. Their next goal is to develop a more powerful vaccine — perhaps one that targets heroin and fentanyl. Scripps is currently working toward moving the vaccine into clinics, Miller said.

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New opioid vaccines show promise in early tests
A new vaccine being developed by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute to block the pain-numbing effects of certain opioid drugs has shown promise in early tests. The vaccine also demonstrated effectivity in decreasing the possibility of a fatal overdose from opi
Cesar Gamboa
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