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What is the best method for sobriety? This is a question often asked by those who have been through a DUI or alcohol rehab program and are contemplating a return to drinking once again. Many have said that alcohol therapy is the best method for sobriety but this may not be true. Many people are looking at sober living as the final option when it comes to sobriety. However while living in an alcohol rehab program can be the ultimate end goal a better option to sobriety may still be available-and living on the outside can even be the best option.

Staying sober outside an alcohol rehab program may be a more realistic goal than many people think. Many have been known to say that you can never quit smoking drinking drugs gambling or anything else that you have done. You cannot quit doing something you have done for years without giving up and that is true. However the truth is sometimes you can quit one habit after another without quitting. Some may consider these activities to be normal and they think that they are not doing anything wrong. They may say that it is all a matter of willpower and they feel that if they just continue to do what they are doing that will make the difference between a happy and healthy life and living in a world where they need to drink or use drugs.

Staying sober on the outside can be as easy as going back to school. Going to a community college can be a great way to achieve a sense of accomplishment and even a career as a teacher or tutor. Going back to school to get a degree can be a much better choice than going back to drinking alcohol or using drugs. Taking time to get a job can also help to get you out of your addiction and can open up new opportunities that you could not see with alcohol or drugs. These are some of the things that can make a living sober on the outside. There are other options for you that can open up new ways for you to stay sober and give you the opportunity to get on with your life. It can also open up the door for you to a different set of friends and the chance to meet new people in interesting places.

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