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Drug Rehab Centers in New Jersey Provide a Full-Curve of Care Drug abuse disorders affect not only the person who use, but also the entire family. Social workers know much better than many physicians that group therapy is an important element of any quality drug abuse treatment program. It may take time and dedication to make this type of connection, but with persistence, social workers can make a tremendous difference in the lives of patients who are battling drug addiction.

Many social workers find that it is much more effective to get started with drug rehabilitation in groups rather than to try to cure a single patient. This approach allows them to work as a team, where the focus will be on the entire family, as well as each individual’s individual needs. It can often take years before a single addict can be brought back into the mainstream society, so it pays to be patient while working towards a common goal. Social workers understand that every individual is different, and that some individuals may be resistant to the concept of group therapy, but they will be willing to try out a treatment plan if it is shown to be effective for them.

After a new group treatment plan has been established and implemented, patients are encouraged to make small-group visits to their local centers, as well as to therapists who work with individual patients. This is a great way for the recovering patient to meet other people who have also overcome drug addiction, and who are willing to give them advice or even help them on how to get the job done on their own. The best treatment centers will always be able to offer support to their clients, no matter what stage they are at.

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