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The term “drug rehab” covers a wide variety of methods of treating patients who have become dependent upon illegal substances. Drug rehabilitation is basically the process of psychosocial or medical treatment for dependence on illegal psychoactive substances like cocaine, opiates, marijuana, alcohol and street drugs like heroin, methamphetamine, and amphetamines. These drugs are legal and widely used by people in the U.S. However, there is an urgent need for these drugs to be made available to everyone in the society. This has been seen as the primary reason why drug abuse and addiction are increasing at a very alarming rate in the US. In the past, drug rehabilitation centers have mainly focused on the treatment of addicts who suffer from physical addictions or those who have psychological addictions. Now, however, with the growing number of individuals who have a combination of physical and mental disorders, they are also being given the treatment they need. The process of drug rehabilitation also includes the education of family members and friends of addicts who can provide support to them.

Usually, after admission into a drug rehabilitation center, the addict is evaluated by a professional team of doctors, nurses and psychologists. They will also perform a physical examination to determine the extent of his drug use, his mental and physical condition, and any medical history of his case. Then, after the evaluation, the team will discuss the treatment options with the patient. The program consists of both medical and psychological therapies and the goal of which is to help the patient get back on his feet and stop abusing drugs.

In most drug rehabilitation centers, the treatment of the patient is done through individualized therapies. Drug rehab programs help a person to overcome his addiction and prevent him from relapsing into drug abuse again. Through these programs, a person will learn how to change his behavior, develop social skills, avoid using drugs and get back in control of his life and learn to cope up with life’s responsibilities. Many drug rehab centers also offer residential programs where the patient can stay in an environment of his choice and still participate in the daily activities of life.

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