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The Behavior Health Program was developed as a collaborative effort of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the National Association of Boards of Behavioral Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics. The program offers a variety of programs including one on early detection and treatment of disruptive behavior disorders (ADD/ADHD). This is the most common disorder among children under the age of five. In addition to the standard treatment for children with ADHD the program helps to improve the quality of life of children with this disorder. The program also includes a resource box that can be used to refer parents to information about the program.

The program focuses on the importance of early screening for ADD/ADHD. It is important for parents to make sure that they get their child the care they need so that they can maintain proper mental and physical development. The program provides information about symptoms of these disorders and how they affect the lives of children. They also provide information about the risks of long-term effects such as obesity substance abuse and depression among others. They also provide information about homeopathic remedies that are used in conjunction with conventional medications. The program has a resource box that can be used to refer parents to information about the program. The resource box also contains links to sites that discuss the many different ways that the program helps to help kids.

The Behavioral Health Program is designed to provide a holistic approach to children’s treatment. It incorporates behavior modification training in addition to traditional treatment for disorders such as ADD and ADHD. The program is especially beneficial for children who have not received treatment for any of these disorders and for children who are dealing with disruptive behavior that interferes with their quality of life. Because there are so many disorders that fall under the umbrella of ADHD the program helps to make it easier for children who have ADHD to get the attention and help they need. Families can benefit from the program by providing information to children families and schools that can in turn share the information with other parents.

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