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120 S Houghton Rd. Ste 138-240 Tucson AZ 85748
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Addiction counselors at the Aztec Counseling Services Center in Tucson Arizona are a part of the Aztec Family. The center strives to provide care to addicts of all ages who have been identified as “at risk” for addiction. This does not only refer to physical or mental addictions but also refers to the emotional and spiritual aspects of addiction. Aztec Counseling Services centers offer a variety of alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs. These programs include individual and group counseling services, inpatient and outpatient treatments, and residential detoxification programs.

Aztec Counseling Services, Inc. has been serving the community of Tucson for over 20 years. It was originally founded by Michael Aziz. It was established to help addicts in their time of need. Today, it provides a wide array of services for clients of all ages. Counseling services are available for both male and female addicts and their families. Counselors are professionally trained, licensed, and certified to provide personalized care. They understand the needs and wants of their clients and work with them to devise the best treatment options possible.

There are three main areas that a counselor works in; group therapy, individual counseling, and residential treatment. Each of these areas is designed to treat specific needs of their clients. When you find yourself in need of a counselor, the best thing to do is contact an Aztec Counseling Services counselor immediately. You will be given a free initial assessment, and you will be provided with many services to help you through your recovery. Once you have decided what type of care you would like, you can contact the Aztec Family at any time to talk about your treatment options.


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