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The Warrior lodge in the city of Warrior, Alabama is located off of Highway 64 in a secluded valley on 80 acres of land that provides patients with a relaxed, therapeutic environment. It is one of the oldest and most respected facilities in the state and was opened by Dr. William W. Wallace in 1960. Dr. Wallace was known for his unique treatment methods that included many therapies including yoga, meditation, and hypnosis. He is still alive today and is well known as a pioneer in the field of addiction treatment.\n\nIn addition to offering drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, the Warrior Lodge offers a number of other addiction treatment options such as anger management classes, marriage counseling, life skills training, and life coaches. All of these are designed to help clients learn more about their own lives and the habits they have developed that have caused them to have problems. By learning new ways to deal with the situations that led to their addiction, these programs help patients become more successful in their recovery. In addition to helping individuals get better, Warrior’s addiction treatment facilities also offer other services to those who are just coming into the program. These include therapy for the family, group therapies, and individual therapy for those who have a problem with addiction and need help dealing with it.\n\nThe Addiction Treatment Facility at Bradford Health Services is located directly on the grounds of a major hospital, which provides an ideal place for patients who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. This is due to the fact that this facility is not only equipped to handle withdrawal symptoms but is staffed with professionals who know how to handle people who may experience some difficulties after leaving the hospital. Those who come here have already gone through the detox process from their addiction and can go home feeling as if they have made a great deal of progress. Since they will be able to interact with their friends and family members, it will allow them to get more comfort and understanding for their problems. After detox, patients can go home with a renewed attitude toward life and ready to make the most of their days.

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