Cahaba Center-Mental Health - Fort Payne AL 35968

415 Medical Center Dr SW, Fort Payne, AL 35968

The Cahaba Center-Mental Health is located in Piedmont, California. This center provides a variety of treatments for mental health problems that may be related to substance abuse and other mental health issues. It is also an outreach center that helps people with substance abuse disorders and other behavioral problems that can cause harm to themselves or their families. This center also provides counseling services to help people with these issues get back on their feet and lead a happy life.

The Cahaba Center-Mental Health is a 12-bed facility that has received awards for being one of the finest outpatient treatment center that provides high quality mental health care to individuals and families who are suffering from mental health issues. The treatment is designed to provide quality medical care to patients who suffer from various disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The center also provides treatment services for individuals who have developmental disabilities that cause them to have mental disorders. The center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to help patients receive the best care possible.

The center is very busy with patients visiting every day for mental health care. It was named after the first patient to ever come through the doors. The facility has a full-time psychologist as well as a licensed psychiatrist. The therapists at the center are certified by the Association of Licensed Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. The counselors at the facility are highly trained and experienced in treating individuals who suffer from mental health disorders and addiction disorders.

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