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Different types of drug addiction treatment are often needed to treat the various signs and symptoms of addiction. Treatment options that address the individual’s psychological, emotional and physical conditions can result in long-term recovery from addiction. A good treatment will help a person cope with stress, emotional disorders and other problems that he or she may be facing, while combating the symptoms of addiction. A number of methods are available for treating substance abuse including detoxification, outpatient therapy, inpatient care and residential programs. The method chosen is dependent on the individual’s condition and the level of addiction.

Detoxification is a type of drug addiction treatment that helps a person overcome withdrawal symptoms. This is done by carefully eliminating all addictive substances from the body, usually using medication. The patient will usually stay at a facility for a period of days to weeks, depending on the type of detoxification procedure. Detox is often combined with counseling sessions, group therapies and group meetings. Detox centers usually offer treatment for all the different types of addictions. People with severe addictions that require a combination of drug detoxification, counseling and psychotherapy may need to stay in a facility for extended periods of time.

Outpatient care, also known as inpatient care, is another form of drug addiction treatment that is typically offered by clinics and hospitals. It is the most commonly used option for many people who are recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Outpatient care provides patients with the opportunity to stay at home, although some facilities do provide their patients with limited access to the outside world. There are various ways in which a patient may receive outpatient care. Some of the most popular include outpatient treatment programs, residential rehabilitation programs, outpatient clinics, inpatient treatment programs and outpatient centers.

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