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843 West Thurber Road Tucson AZ 85705

Community Medical Services is a new Arizona outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility that offer outpatient medication-assisted treatment as part of its comprehensive approach to addiction care. “For years, Community Medical Services was among the first and most respected names in substance abuse treatment, providing comprehensive, compassionate treatment to people in our community suffering from addictions and co-occurring conditions. Today, we remain the leading choice for people seeking long-term recovery.” said Debra Blau, the Executive Director of Community Health Solutions, which operates the facility. “We offer a combination of therapy and medication-assisted treatment, focusing on helping those struggling with addictive behaviors to address their underlying stressors, find healthy ways to cope with their emotions, and regain control over their lives.”

“A unique blend of holistic approaches that includes clinical care, outpatient treatment, family therapy, nutrition and exercise programs, and group therapy, Community Medical Services is an exemplary addiction care provider that are committed to providing quality treatment and care for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders and addiction. “We believe that drug abuse is a mental health disorder, not just a physical one. Our mission is to help these individuals regain complete sobriety by creating a culture of accountability, respect, and mutual responsibility.” says Dr. William Foege, a Board Certified Psychiatrist and Clinical Mental Health Consultant at Community Medical Services. “The goal of this organization is to help individuals and families overcome substance abuse related issues and become successful in life and work.”

“When it comes to substance abuse, it doesn’t matter if you’re an addict or just a worried family member, we’re here to help. You’ll find compassionate staff members, an active and supportive environment, compassionate professionals, access to counseling and medication-assisted treatment options, and a state-of-the-art environment. There is help available to anyone suffering from substance abuse problems including alcohol or drug use disorders.”

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