Copper Canyon Academy - Phoenix AZ 85021

726 West Hatcher Road Apt 202 Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 943-5161(602) 943-5161

The Copper Canyon Academy in Phoenix Arizona offers a full range of special education programs for students with learning disabilities and academic challenges. Students at the academy can also participate in activities and sporting programs for a fun and positive experience. This innovative school is the only one in the state that offer an alternative to traditional public schools, and it offers a more holistic educational approach that ensures that each student develops in a positive way.

Many students at the Copper Canyon Academy in Phoenix AZ are being diagnosed with an illness or have some type of disability. Often, these students may have difficulty with their language skills, problem focusing, or a lack of motivation. Some of the learning disabilities at the academy include dyslexia, ADHD, sensory integration disorders, autism, as well as many others. Some of these students may need specialized training in order to succeed in a classroom setting, and they may need extra help from a variety of teachers. Other students, such as students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, are also welcome at the academy.

In addition to providing personalized attention and personalized care for students with special needs, the academy offers a variety of different activities, and sports programs to help students with academic problems. Many students at the academy are working with special needs parents to plan a rewarding and educational program for their children. The school also includes a strong physical fitness program to keep its students healthy and active. Students who participate in sports and activities at the school will be exposed to various different learning styles. This diversity allows the students to learn in a fun and effective manner and gives them a chance to participate and succeed in school. By participating in a program that gives students the tools and skills they need to succeed, students are able to make lasting positive changes in their lives.

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