Hansen Erich PhD - Tucson AZ 85701

3367 East Pima Street Tucson AZ 85701
(520) 407-1233(520) 407-1233

“America’s Rehab Centers offers state-of- the-art outpatient and inpatient treatment programs for those who suffer from addictions, alcoholism and substance abuse. The facilities provide the most intensive outpatient treatments, residential treatment programs and group treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and dependence.” “The rehab center in Tucson AZ serves individuals from all walks of life, with special attention given to substance abuse, alcohol dependence and depression treatment.” “These centers offer the most effective treatment methods for their patients.

The Center specializes in the treatment of addictions, alcoholism, and substance abuse in a holistic way. They provide one-on-one treatment programs that can include family therapy, group therapy, counseling and medication counseling. There is a professional staff and qualified doctors that can guide you through every step of your journey towards healing. They also have a state of the art recovery center and rehab center located on Pima Street in Tucson, Arizona.

There are many counselors and therapists that work with people suffering from substance abuse, alcoholism and other addictions. Their goal is to educate, motivate, empower and support their patients so they can lead a productive, successful and healthy life. This program is dedicated to providing a high quality of care to those who suffer from substance abuse and alcoholism.

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