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Drug addiction treatment centers offer holistic programs which are geared to treat patients suffering from addictions. Drug rehab is the process of psychotherapeutical or medical treatment for dependence on addictive psychoactive substances such as cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol, and marijuana. A patient is generally admitted to the drug treatment center only after he has exhausted all other forms of therapy such as individual therapy, group therapy and counseling. A major advantage of drug rehabilitation treatment centers is that they provide complete psychological, social, spiritual and emotional care to their patients in addition to drug rehabilitation treatment, physical treatment, medication, support groups, and educational programs. They offer a wide range of therapeutic programs such as group therapy, individual counseling, and family therapy.

The staffs at drug rehabilitation treatment centers provide assistance to their patients by providing them with comprehensive medical care, psychological care, education and counseling. They try to make the patient feel that he/she is important and worth everything they are undergoing. The staff members at drug rehabilitation treatment centers also provide social interaction to patients. These factors are considered as important sources of addiction treatment. If the patients receive social interaction, the chances of recovering from addictions increase.

Many drug addiction treatment centers also offer rehabilitation and treatment facilities for their outpatient patients. It is recommended to choose a drug rehabilitation center, which has a good track record in providing rehabilitation and care to its outpatient patients. It should also have some facilities for outpatient detoxification. These facilities ensure that patients are able to receive proper treatment before they relapse. Also, it should offer 24-hour crisis response. In addition, these centers should have a facility for outpatient rehabilitation and counseling.

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