Mountain Lakes Resid Care Home - Dutton AL 35744

4886 Alabama Highway 40 Dutton AL 35744

Mountain Lakes Residence is a Home based care home for mentally challenged people who have been declared mentally retarded or in the process of being diagnosed with mental retardation. Mountain Lakes has established a reputation of providing quality residential services for the mentally challenged community. Mountain Lakes residence offers Residential treatment for persons who have been determined mentally retarded by their family doctors. Mountain Lakes has set a benchmark of excellence when it comes to the services that are provided to their clients. All the programs offered are geared toward helping the clients to achieve a life of self-sufficientness. Mental retardation, addiction, drug abuse and alcoholism are some of the problems that Mountain Lakes addresses. Mountain Lakes offers a complete range of individual and family services such as counseling, educational classes, activities for families, socialization, and recreation.\n\n \n\nMountain lakes Resid Care home provides residential substance abuse treatment. Mountain Lakes Residence offers Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive behavior therapy and Family therapy to Adults, Senior citizens and Adults with severe alcohol and substance abuse disorders. The residential programs are designed to make the resident’s transition into the community as easy as possible. All the residents of Mountain Lakes Residential Treatment Services receive personalized individualized attention. The residential treatment program also includes individual and family education and training. The residential staff consists of licensed, certified and skilled professionals who have a passion for helping mentally retarded individuals and families get back to living a better life.\n\n \n\nMountain lakes offers a variety of services including inpatient and out patient care. The residential facility is equipped with 24-hour care, 24-hour emergency help, 24 hour emergency transportation, 24-hour access to medical equipment, 24-hour emergency food service, full on-site laundry service, a fully equipped gym, on-site health care and support staff. The residential treatment center is committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure for the residents. Mountain lakes provides an effective way for recovering residents to enter the community after being discharged from the residential treatment program. Mountain Lakes residential care home is located on the outskirts of Auburn Alabama, about 10 miles from the city of Birmingham, AL.

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