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1530 U.S. Highway 43 Winfield AL 35594

Northwest Medical Center is about to make a very big splash in the world of medicine. About Northwest Medical Center, it is a non-profit, fully licensed hospital medical center. NWMC provides high quality health care in five clinical fields: acute medicine, pediatric, internal medicine and rehabilitation and substance abuse/addiction/habituation services. Located in northwest Arkansas and northern Oklahoma, NWMC has branches in 14 communities and serves nearly nine million residents a year.\n\n \n\nThe Northwest Arkansas Medical System is run by Northwest Healthcare System of Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma Health Systems. Each of these organizations provide services to Northwest Medical Center and its residents. Northwest Healthcare System of Arkansas is a division of the Southwest Health District that provides a variety of health care services in Northwest Arkansas, including a medical center and hospitals in Edmond, Bartlesville, Fort Smith and Waynesville. Northwest Oklahoma Health Systems is a major health care provider in Northwest Oklahoma. NWOHS runs a variety of facilities and services that offer healthcare to all of Northwest Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas counties. NWOHS is also responsible for providing services to the residents of Northwest Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma.\n\n \n\nNorthwest Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma are located on the east side of Arkansas River. They were named after Northwest Oklahoma, which was an Indian reservation located along the river. Northwest Medical Center provides services to residents of Northwest Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma in an outpatient and urgent care facility. Northwest Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma provide services to all age groups. Patients may receive routine checkups, x-rays and treatments, emergency care, lab and radiology services, and other diagnostic services. Northwest Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma medical centers are accredited by the Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services and by the Council of Community Health Centers of America. Northwest Medical Center provides quality services and is a trusted name in Northwest Arkansas and Northwest Oklahoma.

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