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1050 East River Road Tucson AZ 85718
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The Park Place Outreach & Counseling Centers Inc in Tucson AZ are a non-profit non-sectarian agency dedicated to providing an array of services and resources to the community, both individuals and families. Located in Tucson, the Center was started by Mr. Paul Sullins who, along with his wife, founded the Center in March of 1991. It serves over twenty-five thousand people annually through the following services: Individual, Family, Youth and Children’s Services. The center was established as an alternative healing and social service provider for all Tucsonans.

The center offers a variety of programs that provide both in depth information on healing issues and social services, and referrals to outside agencies. Programs at the Center focus on individual treatment and group therapy that works to help individuals understand their own behavior patterns, as well as others around them. These group sessions are designed to address both personal and relational issues. Individual treatment options at the Center include; marriage counseling, anger management and self defense classes, life coach programs and spiritual training.

Counselors work closely with each client to explore issues surrounding substance abuse, depression and other mental health related disorders. Counselors work closely with families and work with other agencies such as schools, businesses and other groups to provide services that are tailored to the needs of the individual. The Center also has an on site social workers and behavioral specialists. The Center also offers crisis intervention and crisis management as well as many other services to the community. If you or a loved one is struggling with a mental disorder, the Center is committed to providing the most effective services available to the public.

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