Southeast Intervention Group Inc - Dothan AL 36303

101 North Herring Street Dothan AL 36303

The Southeast Intervention Group Inc. (SIGI) was established in 1993. The mission of the organization is to help individuals with their spiritual and social challenges by providing comprehensive support to its members. The group works closely with individuals, families, organizations, and the broader community to address the needs and aspirations of its members. The organization’s goals include increasing awareness of the spiritual journey and offering resources for members to enhance their sense of well-being. This includes helping members explore new opportunities for self-expression. The group works with all ages, including children, teens, and adults, and works to assist members in creating a meaningful life, in a manner that encourages spiritual growth, communication with the divine, and a commitment to love and compassion for everyone.\n\n \n\nThe group works closely with a network of professional counselors who work closely with its members. These professionals ensure that the needs of the individual are taken into consideration and that any questions or concerns about spiritual growth are addressed. Many of these professionals also work with the members of the group to offer ongoing guidance and emotional support. They also provide information on healthy relationships, personal growth, and career planning.\n\n \n\nThe Southeast Intervention Group Inc. offers its clients a personalized spiritual journey that is tailored to the particular needs of each person. It works in collaboration with community partners such as the Southeast Community Center, which serves as the central resource for this group. Each member is given a unique personal development plan and is taught effective methods of spiritual growth. All members are encouraged to connect with others within their community and share their spiritual experiences with others.

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