Todd Kathleen A - Chandler AZ 85224

600 South Dobson Road Chandler AZ 85224
(480) 786-6655(480) 786-6655

Todd Kathleen, a woman with Down syndrome, lives in Chandler AZ. She is a very good listener and a very caring person. Todd is a member of the Disabled American Veterans Association and the Arizona Disabled Citizens Foundation. Todd was recently elected president of the Disabled Veterans Association in Chandler, AZ. It is important for Todd to be in a position of leadership to show her love of her husband and support for others with disabilities.

Aaron D. Fitch of The National Center for Autism Research and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation gave a very moving speech at the 2020 Disabled American Veterans Convention. Aaron started the speech by reading from the Declaration of Independence. Aaron read the first paragraph of the declaration and then moved on to the second paragraph. He told us how the framers of the constitution felt about disabled Americans and made a promise to protect their rights. Aaron concluded by saying that we are all equal and we are all worthy of happiness and liberty. Aaron also gave a quote from Martin Luther King to inspire us.

Todd was very impressed with Aaron D. Fitch’s speech. Todd shared her feelings for the man who spoke in such beautiful and inspiring words. Todd has a long way to go but she is making great strides to improve her life with disabilities. Her mother is helping her move into a home of her own. Todd will be attending college in the near future. She has many friends and enjoys spending time with them. We wish Todd all the best for the future.

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