First Inpatient Drug Detox Center in Linthicum to Open Soon

will be in charge of operating and running the inpatient drug detox center. The organization runs several drug treatment centers with locations throughout the U.S.

Neeraj Gandotra, the chief medical officer of the health group, stated that the drug treatment center has has already agreed to work with the Baltimore Washington Medical Center in order to determine referrals.

The Maryland House Detox also intends to network with other treatment centers in the area that focus on long-term care for patients struggling with substance use disorders.

The type of treatment that patients receive will be verified by officials at Maryland House Detox but other inpatient drug treatment centers will determine the length of stay. Gandotra stated that people who are searching for treatment are gauged on their condition and addiction before being referred to other facilities.

He also said that there will be interviews about the patient’s history with a doctor and a nurse to save time.

The Maryland House Detox plans to open by the end of May.