Somerset Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Taking the first step to recovery from substance abuse begins with acknowledging that help is needed. We know that many of our clients have gone through a vicious cycle of wanting to get help and but then feeling like there is no hope. We encourage you to take that first step and get help through our Somerset, Kentucky addiction recovery program. There is hope. We are here to help you each step of the way.

In order to help individuals who have substance addiction, multiple approaches are needed during detox, rehab, and during aftercare. Ongoing support is necessary for an individual to truly recover. We feel that each one of these steps is necessary, and we provide a safe, comfortable, and dignified environment where you can get the help that is needed. Our addiction recovery facility is filled with caring individuals who are ready to provide the help that you need. Many approaches have proven to be successful helping our clients. We will touch on some of the ones we use here in our drug rehab facility in Somerset, Kentucky.

Supervised Detox

All drug and alcohol treatments begin with a detox. This is necessary in order to get the substance out of your body. However, the symptoms that a person may experience while going through withdrawal can be overwhelming. We provide the help needed at our Somerset, Kentucky drug detox clinic in order to help you stick to your goals while going through this first difficult step. Some of the symptoms may be physical, while others are emotional and mental. We are here to help you reach your goal and get through this first phase of recovery.

Just going cold turkey on your own is not likely to prove successful. After using certain drugs for an extended period of time, your body may have become physically dependent on them. When you just stop using that substance, the results can be life-threatening in some circumstances. The supervised detox programs at our Somerset, Kentucky drug rehab center can help you not just break free from your addiction now but help you in the long run.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Dual diagnosis is appropriate when a client is dealing with both a substance use disorder and a co-occurring mental health disorder. At our Somerset, Kentucky substance abuse treatment facility, our goal is to treat each person as an individual.

However, a very small percentage of these individuals actually got help at an addiction treatment facility. Recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders is possible at our Somerset, Kentucky addiction treatment center. We have treatment programs that offer expert care in both areas.

Individuals who are dealing with a co-existing condition may experience additional symptoms. You do not have to deal with these symptoms any longer. We can help you break the cycle and see light at the end of the tunnel.

Maintain Your Dignity While Getting Help

We understand that individuals who have dealt with substance abuse disorders have likely spent years dealing with negative emotions and being judged. No matter your circumstances, our focus here at our Somerset, Kentucky addiction recovery center is helping you to maintain your dignity while you get the help you need.

You can be confident that you will be treated with respect by our staff members. You will also get support from fellow clients. We have a community here in our substance abuse treatment facility where clients help each other as an extended support group. You can speak honestly in this safe and comfortable environment. We are committed to helping all of our clients reach the goals they have set for recovery.

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