New Zealand’s National Party announces $82 million crackdown on drugs

gang register and receive benefits would have to prove that any expensive asset they owned was obtained legally. If they fail, their state benefits would be cut.

The policy would introduce a new charge for those who damage property with meth production or consumption. There would, however, be new measures to stamp out drug distribution domestically and internationally with compulsory vetting by police, which will include anyone working at ports, mail centers, airport baggage centers, and domestic airport terminals. The employees would be heavily vetted, not excluding contractors. Dogs for finding drugs will also be introduced at domestic airport terminals.

The party’s website states that “National will redouble its efforts to stop drugs from getting into the country, stamp out meth labs and disrupt the supply networks as part of a refreshed Methamphetamine Action Plan.”

Bennett stated that “National is the party of law and order — we take the safety of all New Zealanders seriously. Police’s mission is for New Zealand to be the safest country in the world, and National wholeheartedly supports this goal.”